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Who can resist the temptation of great candy when a huge chunk of the proceeds are going to a good cause? Gardners Candies fundraising programs make charitable or organizational fundraisers easy—by offering significant profit opportunities, free end-to-end fundraiser assistance and individual order preparation, plus the signature taste (and powerful brand recognition) of Gardners Candies products. 

Learn more about candy fundraising here!

Create a custom selection of Gardners Chocolates. Choose from chocolate covered whole nuts, creams, cherries, meltaways and more. All are individually hand packed so when the box is opened, each treat is as perfect as when it was placed.

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Almost any Gardners Candies confection or candy you can think of is available online. You may also wish to visit a Gardners Candies signature store for a taste-tempting experience that can’t be beat. We have 10 Gardners Candies signature stores throughout Pennsylvania and a growing list of fine retailers which offer Gardners Candies products.

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