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Milk Chocolate
Cordial Strawberries

Item #: 0806300

We take fresh, California strawberries picked at peak season and flash freeze them to lock in their flavor. These succulent berries are rolled in our special sugar essence to sweeten them up just a bit more and help release their natural juices. The result is a sweet cordial liquid that you’ll find in every piece. We swathe these luscious gems with two thick layers of chocolate. Each indulgent strawberry is then tucked inside a blanket of delicate red foil.

Pre-order for guaranteed delivery on or before Saturday May 10th.

All orders will be shipped on Wednesday May 7th and can be placed before 11 AM EST on May 7th.
  • 1 Box $39.95
  • 2 Boxes $59.95
  • 3 Boxes $79.95
  • 4 Boxes $99.95
Prices are based per address and include FREE SHIPPING with Ice Pack. All Strawberries will ship on Wednesday and will arrive on Thursday, Friday or Saturday, depending on your location. Please place each box of strawberries in freezer immediately upon receipt. Strawberries must be enjoyed within 4-5 days after removing from freezer and can be kept frozen for up to two weeks. Strawberries must ship separately and cannot be shipped with any other product. Additional products must be shipped as a separate order and will include standard shipping rates.
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