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Donation Request

Donation Request Qualifications

We are holding a charity fundraiser.  How can I request a donation from Gardners?

In order to be considered please be sure your cause meets the following criteria before filling out our online application.

  • You are currently a participating organization in one of our fundraising programs.
  • Minimum sales amounts are required to receive a donation.
  • Your donated item value will be 2% of your total sales amount of your previous sale. (Ex: $5000 Sale = $100 Donated Item Value)
  • We do not accept requests by email, mail, phone or fax.
  • Requests must be received a minimum of 6 weeks prior to the event date.
  • One request per charitable organization will be accepted within a 12-month period.
  • Activities or efforts such as competitions, golf outings, recognition events, holiday parties, door prizes, giveaways, and rewards or other incentive programs are not eligible for a donation.
  • Sponsorships or donations for individuals or teams, (for example, walk-a-thons, contests, pageants, scholarships, reunions or ambassador programs) will not be considered.
  • Donations for families or individuals will not be considered.
  • Monetary requests will not be considered.
  • Incomplete forms will not be considered.


We at Gardners Candies are tremendously appreciative of the success we have had in our community and surrounding areas. We have always made a priority of giving generously to many worthy causes.

We receive numerous charitable requests daily, and while it would be impossible for us to fulfill all the requests we receive, we are fortunate to have the opportunity to support as many as possible.

Additionally, over 1000 groups and organizations that utilize a Gardners Candies fundraising program also request donations, to which Gardners Candies is first and foremost, obliged to reciprocate our support. Gardners Candies contributes thousands of dollars per year to those that qualify for our criteria for giving. We review each request on an individual basis and take our gifting seriously.

We will send an e-mail response within one week of receiving the request if you qualify. It is not necessary to follow-up with a phone call or email. If you do not receive an email confirming your request, you did not meet our criteria for giving.


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